Ore dressing, Geometallurgy and Environmental Geochemistry of Mine Waste

(December 2012)

  • Regina Baumgartner

Geometallurgy (Part 1)

Geometallurgy (Part 2)

Short course on epithermal mineralizations and geothermal resources

(January 2013)

  • Stuart Simmons



Epithermal mineralizations

Epithermal deposits
Geothermal systems 
Gold (silver) transport-deposition
Hydrothermal minerals
Structures, lithologies and fluid flow


Geothermal resources 


Overview of geothermal resources
Heat transfer concepts
Surface manifestations and hydrology
Hydrothermal fluid compositions and geothermometry
Resource Assessments

New technology





Geochemical and mineralogical footprints of hydrothermal systems based on ICP-MS and SWIR data

(March 2013)

  • Scott Halley



Gemology workshop

(January 2014)

  • Fontboté Lluis

Synthetic diamonds (Thomas Hainschwang and Franck Notari)

Geology and isotopes of corundums and emeralds (Gaston Giuliani)

Luminescence applied to gemology (Thomas Hainschwang)

Pearls - A review (Stefanos Karampelas)

Corundum treatments (Franck Notari)

Geology of Tsavorite (Gaston Giuliani)