Ultrahigh-Pressure Metamorphism and Tectonics

(April 2008)

  • Brad Hacker & Max Schmidt

Brad Hacker

Petrology at ultrahigh pressure
Geochronology of UHP rocks
Rheology at ultrahigh pressure
Tectonic settings of UHPM
Exhumation mechanism of UHP terranes
Role of UHP tectonism in earth evolution
Closing: controversies in UHP tectonism

Max Schmidt

Experimental techniques
Melting of crustal materials at high pressure
Carbonate at HP and CO2 recycling
Fluids, melts, and supercriticality in the MSH system and element transport in subduction zone
Mass balance related to UHP metamorphism in subduction zones


Magmatic volatiles and Melt inclusions

(June 2009)

  • Paul Wallace (Part 1-4)

  • Adam Kent (Part 5-9)

Part 1 : Analytical

Part 2 : Mafic melt inclusions

Part 3 : Rhyolite volatile

Part 4 : Solubility

Part 5 : Introduction 

Part 6 : Melt Inclusion formation 

Part 7 : Melt Inclusion evolution

Part 8 : Sample preparation and analysis

Part 9 : Primitive basalts

Methods and Application of LA-ICPMS

(January 2010)

  • Thomas Pettke




SILLS Program presentation

References :
Pettke T. (2006) Mineralogical Association of Canada, Short Course 36, Montreal, Quebec, p.51-80
Pettke T. (2008) Mineralogical Association of Canada Short Course 40, Vancouver, B.C., p.128-217

Short course on igneous petrogenesis

(April 2010)

  • Tim Grove

Origin and evolution of mid-ocean ridge basalts

Fractional crystallization, assimilation and magma mixing in crustal systems, shallow assimilation of granitic crust

Generation of primary magmas in subduction zones

Hydrous flux melting and ‘dry’ decompression melting in the mantle wedge

Archean magma generation processes and crustal growth in the early Earth

Stable Isotopes Applied to Magmatic Rocks and Ore Deposits

(January 2011)

  • Ilya Bindeman (University of Oregon)

Stable Isotope Theory : Equilibrium Fractionation

Stable Isotope Applications : High Temperatures

Valley, J. (2001) Stable Isotopes Thermometry at High Temperature
Eiler, J.M. (2001) Oxygen Isotope Variations of Basaltic Lavas and Upper Mantle Rocks
Bindeman, I. (2009) Oxygen Isotopes in Mantle and Crustal Magmas as Revealed by Single Crystals Analysis

Heavy Stable Isotopes Geochemistry

(June 2011)

  • Klaus Mezger

  • Ben C. Reynolds

  • Jan Wiederhold

  • Thomas Nägler

  • Nick Lloyd

Ben C. Reynolds & Jan Wiederhold

Heavy stable isotope research in environmental science : Introduction

Fractionation within biogeochemical cycles : terrestrial Si

Tracing chemical weathering with heavy stable isotopes

Stable Fe isotope fractionation in soils and plants

Stable Hg isotopes

Heavy stable isotopes in seawater

References :
Black 2008, Bopp 2009, Cameron 2009, Hughes 2011, Mathur 2009, Shi 2011, Yang 2010

Thomas Nägler

Paleoredox conditions and the global Molybdenum cycle: the
Mo isotope approach (part 1)
Paleoredox conditions and the global Molybdenum cycle: the
Mo isotope approach (part 2)
Strontium vs. Calcium

Nick Lloyd

Instruments and techniques