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Tectonics and volcanism in central Japan


June 20th - July 1st 2018

Responsable de l'activité

Luca Caricchi


Prof. Luca Caricchi, UNIGE Mme Eva Hartung, UNIGE


Prof. Luca Caricchi, UNIGE Mme Eva Hartung, UNIGE Prof. Simon Wallis, University of Tokyo Prof. Satoru Harayama, Shinshu University


Central Japan is not only one of the best places to study active volcanism but is also one of the mountain ranges with the highest rock-uplift rate on Earth (5-7 mm/year). Thanks to this we will be able to visit the youngest exposed plutons on Earth (Takidani-Kurobegawa, Hida Mts; Harayama, 1992; Yamada et al., 2013). We will start with the visit of two emblematic active volcanoes Mt Fuji and Mt Asama. We will then move for a 5-6 days visit to the exposed plutons in the Hida Mountains. The data collected during the PhD of Eva Hartung demonstrate that these were not only plutons but are effectively fossilised magma chamber that fed large volcanic eruptions (Hartung et al., 2017). The last two days of fieldwork will focus on the deposits of such large eruptions. Miss Hartung has been working in Japan for the last 3 years, Prof. Caricchi has been working in Japan more or less continuously since 2011, and we are in contact with the experts of the region. We have now large geochemical and structural datasets that will use to complement the field experience of the students.


Central Japan (Tokyo to Takayama)


The students should leave the 20th of June and be at TOKYO NARITA airport before 11AM the 21st of JUNE 2018.


Deadline for registration is the 1st of MARCH and it consist in sending me the flight ticket (Booking now is recommended because flights are rather cheap).



We will leave the 2nd of July in the morning, but of course people is free to stay longer.



Deadline for registration 20.03.2018
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