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Alpine Corsica-A Mesozoic continent-ocean transition from extension to collision


September 5-12th 2017


Peter O. Baumgartner, prof. honoraire, UniL


Othmar Müntener, Dr. prof. ordinaire, UniL Peter O. Baumgartner, Dr. prof. honoraire, UniL Alberto Vitale Brovarone, Dr. chercheur CRNS, IMPMC, Paris Goran Andjic, doctorant, UniL (provisoire)


Alpine Corsica, roughly forming the northeast third of the island, consists of nappe stacks, that expose a Mesozoic continent-ocean transition, both in high grade metamorphic conditions (Castagniccia, Cap Corse) and in a low grade metamorphic setting in the Balagne tectonic outlier and the Nebbio syncline. The Corsican continental margin units and the ophiolite-bearing Schistes Lustrés have often been compared to the Briançonnais and the Piemontais domains of the Western Alps. This field trip will present a transect from the Balagne nappe stack to the high grade metamorphic Schistes Lustrés. The Balagne tectonostratigraphy shows spectacular outcrops of near-continent oceanic crust overlain by radiolarites and hemipelagic limestones, in turn overlain by flysch-like sediments representing the erosional products of the Hercynian Corsica. In the Castagniccia and Cap Corse areas several transects will show oceanic mantle and crustal rocks covered by pelagic and detrital metasediments, and continental slivers consisting of Hercynian basement and its Permo-Triassic sedimentary cover. Day 1: travel with minibuses to Livorno (6h) ferry to Bastia. Transfer to Ile Rousse. Day 2-3: Tectonostratigraphy, sedimentology and structures of the Balagne oceanic nappe stack and its relative autochthonous Tertiary units. Day 4: The Corte continental margin units (Central Corsica). Day 5-6: The Schistes Lustrés units, including the Insecca ophiolite section and continental slivers in the Castaniccia area (greenschist to blueschist facies). Day 7: The Tenda Massif, Saint Florent (Nebbio) nappe stack and Miocene postorogenic cover, blue schist facies and ultramafics of Cap Corse. Day 8: trip back to Lausanne.





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