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Tracking crustal contributions to rhyolite generation in the Chon Aike Province (Patagonia)

Author Michelle Foley
Director of thesis Benita Putlitz
Co-director of thesis Lukas Baumgartner
Summary of thesis The focus of the research will be to study the Jurassic rhyolitic volcanic rocks of the Chon Aike Province in Patagonia to decipher (a) the importance of crustal melting in the formation of these rhyolites and the (b) duration of magma ascent and crystallization. The project will incorporate a variety of analytical methods, but a large degree will be focused on measuring δ18O using both laser-fluorination for whole rock analysis and SIMS to look at intra-crystalline variations in quartz and zircon. The oxygen isotope analysis of zircon will be complemented by U/Pb dating and trace element work. NanoSIMS intra-crystalline (mainly quartz) analysis in combinations with trace element determinations (e.g. Ti-in quartz) will also be used to access time scales of rhyolite formation using diffusion chronometry.
Status beginning
Administrative delay for the defence 2022