Courses and meetings

There are three basic categories of course activities within the DPMS:

  • (ME) acquiring scientific tools: courses on imaging, analytical and modeling techniques.
  • (SB) acquiring a broad scientific background: conferences on scientific topics of general interest in Mineral Sciences.
  • (SK) acquiring soft skills: oral and poster presentations given by the doctoral students, conferences and workshops on soft skills.

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Cat. Title Location Map [d] Speakers Dates Places
Fluid Dynamic Modelling in Volcanology University of Geneva; room 203

Dre Chiara Montagna, INGV Pisa, IT

Dr Mattia de' Michieli Vitturi, INGV Pisa, IT

1578956400 January 14th to 15th 2020 10 / 20
Sedimentological and Volcano-Tectonic Processes in the Afar, Ethiopia Afar, Ethiopia

Prof. Tesfaye Kidane, University of Kwazulu-Natal, ZA

Prof Balemwal Atnafu, Addis Ababa University, ET

Prof. Anneleen Foubert, UNIFR

Prof. Joel Ruch, UNIGE

1579647600 January 22nd to February 3rd 2020 8 / 10
Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of Clays and Clay Minerals: Application in Geological Studies University of Geneva

Prof. Branimir Segvic, Texas Tech University, US

1580166000 January 28th to 31st 2020 11 / 15
[ANNULÉ] Porphyric and epithermal ore deposits in western Anatolia, Turkey Turkey

Prof. Robert Moritz, UNIGE

Dr. Kalin Kouzmanov, UNIGE

Prof. Ilkay Kusçu, Mugla University, TR

1598824800 August 31st to September 07th 13 / 13
[REPORT À 2021] Magma Chamber Simulator: Modeling Crustal Geochemical Processes University of Lausanne

Prof. Wendy Bohrson, Colorado School of Mines, US

1598911200 Sept-Oct 2020 6 / 15
Swiss Geoscience Meeting 2020 Zurich 1604617200 November 6th to 7th 2020 15 / 25
DPMS Day - Online meeting


1606431600 November 27th 2020 37 / 50