Courses and meetings

There are three basic categories of course activities within the DPMS:

  • (ME) acquiring scientific tools: courses on imaging, analytical and modeling techniques.
  • (SB) acquiring a broad scientific background: conferences on scientific topics of general interest in Mineral Sciences.
  • (SK) acquiring soft skills: oral and poster presentations given by the doctoral students, conferences and workshops on soft skills.

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Cat. Title Location Map [d] Speakers Dates Places
Practical Course in Resource Economics and Mineral Exploration: From discovery to Evaluation Genève

Prof. Georges Beaudoin, Université Laval

1515366000 January 8-17th 2018 2 / 25 registration
Automated Mineralogy in Geosciences Genève

Dr Andrew Menzies, Universidad Catolica del Norte, Antofagasta, Chile

1516575600 January 22nd-23rd 2018 11 / 20 registration
Introdution to High-Performance computing in Earth sciences Lausanne

Prof. Yuri Podladchikov, UNIL

1517180400 January 29th - February 1st 2018 2 / 10 registration
Using «R» in geoscience Genève

Prof. Solveig Pospiech, University of Göttingen

1517785200 February 5-7th 2018 10 / 10 registration
Modeling of Mineral Reactions in Deforming Rocks Lausanne

Prof. Yuri Podladchikov, UNIL

1528063200 June 4-7th 2018, dates to be confirmed 1 / 10 registration
Tectonics and volcanism in central Japan Central Japan (Tokyo to Takayama)

Prof. Luca Caricchi, UNIGE Mme Eva Hartung, UNIGE Prof. Simon Wallis, University of Tokyo Prof. Satoru Harayama, Shinshu University

1529445600 June 20th - July 1st 2018, dates to be confirmed 15 / 15 registration
Environmental Geochemistry of Mine Waste - Geometallurgy Geneva

Prof. Bernhard Dold, Univ. Luleå Dr. Rainer W. Lehne, Consultant, Lehne & Associates: Applied Mineralogy, Mannheim

1485298800 January 25-26th 2017 17 / 14
Porphyry Copper Deposits: From Bottoms to Tops Geneva

Dr. Richard Slilitoe, London, UK

1485471600 January 27th 2017 38 / 39
Petrological and molecular properties of organic matter in modern and ancient sedimentary systems Geneva

Lorraine Eglinton, egsploration, UK, attaché au ETH

1485990000 February 2nd 2017 7 / 12
Introduction to High-Performance computing in Earth sciences Lausanne

Prof. Yuri Podladchikov, ISTE, Université de Lausanne Ludovic Räss, ISTE, Université de Lausanne (Samuel Omlin, ISTE, Université de Lausanne)

1487026800 February 14-17th 2017 10 / 10
Modeling igneous processes using MELTS Lausanne

Mark Ghiorso, Vice-President of and Senior Research Associate at OFM Research (USA) Guilherme Gualda, Associate Professor of Earth & Environmental Sciences at Vanderbilt University (USA)

1490652000 March 28-30th 2017 17 / 25
The Rietveld Method Fribourg

Prof. Bernard Grobéty, Université de Fribourg

1494972000 May 17-19th 2017 7 / 10
Late-orogenic Au-bearing magmatic-hydrothermal systems of the Cévennes area (South French Massif Central) Massif des Cévennes, France

Dr. Alain Chauvet, Directeur de recherche CNRS, UMR 5243 – Géosciences Montpellier, Université de Montpellier 2

1496613600 June 5-9th 2017 8 / 11
Modeling of Mineral Reactions in Deforming Rocks Lausanne

Prof. Yuri Podladchikov, UniL

1497823200 June 19th-22nd 2017 9 / 10
Field course: Eifel Volcanic Field and Rhine graben Eifel, Allemagne

Gerhard Wörner, professeur, Georg August University of Göttingen

Luca Caricchi, professeur, Université de Genève

Tom Sheldrake, post-doctorant, Université de Genève

1499983200 July 14-19th 2017 7 / 16
Alpine Corsica-A Mesozoic continent-ocean transition from extension to collision Corsica

Othmar Müntener, Dr. prof. ordinaire, UniL Peter O. Baumgartner, Dr. prof. honoraire, UniL Alberto Vitale Brovarone, Dr. chercheur CRNS, IMPMC, Paris Goran Andjic, doctorant, UniL (provisoire)

1504562400 September 5-12th 2017 13 / 26
DPMS Spring/Fall Day Bern 1508450400 October 20th 2017 35 / 30
Swiss Geosciences Meeting Davos 1510873200 November 17-18th 2017 31 / 30
R Workshop – Introduction to using R in geological applications Université de Genève, Room 013, Sciences III

Dr Tom Sheldrake ; Postdoctorant ; Université de Genève, Sciences de la Terre Prof Luca Caricchi ; Associate Professor ; Université de Genève, Sciences de la Terre

1512342000 December 4-5th 2017 20 / 20