PhD students

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Lastname Firstname Social University E-Mail Theme of thesis Director of thesis Defence year
AHMAD Qasid UNIBE E-Mail Assessing element recycling within subduction zones based on metal isotopes Martin Wille Klaus Mezger 2023
ALUÇ Ali UNIGE E-Mail Magmatic-Hydrothermal Evolution and Geological Framework of the Kirazlı Epithermal Au and Porphyry Cu deposits Prof. Dr. Robert Moritz
Prof. Dr. İlkay Kuşcu (MSKU)
ANAND Aryavart UNIBE E-Mail Thermal evolution of Planetesimals in the Early Solar System Prof. Klaus Mezger 2022
ANTOINE Clémentine UNIGE E-Mail U-Pb geochronology on the Drakensberg volcanic province (South Africa) Professor Urs Schaltegger 2023
ARIZA ACERO María Margarita UNIL E-Mail Garnet growth Lukas Baumgartner
Tom Foster
BASTIAS Joaquin UNIGE E-Mail Thermal and tectonic evolution of the Antarctic Peninsula Urs Schaltegger
Richard Spikings
BILIR Mustafa Erde UNIGE E-Mail Characterization, Genesis and Triggers for the Formation of Hot Maden Cu-Au Mineralization System, NE Turkey Prof. Robert Moritz
Prof. Ilkay Kuscu
BOVAY Thomas UNIBE E-Mail Tracing the invisible path of fluids in the crust with microscale oxygen isotope measurments in key metamorphic minerals Daniela Rubatto
CACCIATORE Enzo-enrico UNIGE E-Mail The interplay between magma redox and magma differentiation in arc settings: phase equilibrium constraints and the development of new oxybarometers Prof. Dr. Zoltán Zajacz 2025
CANDIOTI Lorenzo Giuseppe UNIL E-Mail Mathematical modelling of collision orogens Prof. Dr. Stefan M. Schmalholz
CARRASCO Hugo UNIGE E-Mail Development of magma geochemistry fertility tools applied to the exploration of porphyry Cu deposits in Ecuado Massimo Chiaradia 2026
CHATTERJEE Sukalpa UNIBE E-Mail Isotope Geochemistry Klaus Mezger 2023
DECRAENE Marie-Noëlle UNIL E-Mail Iron and sulfur isotope signatures in micropyrites: constraints on the formation processes of the stromatolites from extreme environments. Johanna Marin Carbonne
DEVOIR Arnaud UNIL E-Mail Garnet as a monitor for igneous processes: microchemistry and diffusion modelling applied to the Ivrea Zone M. Othmar Müntener 2020
DOMINGUEZ Hugo UNIBE E-Mail Simulation of reactive two-phase fluid flows in medium to high-grade metamorphic terranes. Pierre Lanari
DUPLA Xavier UNIL E-Mail Enhanced weathering of silicates Stephanie Grand 2023
ESPINEL PACHÓN Iván mateo UNIGE E-Mail Controls on the redox evolution of arc magmas at continental margins Zoltan Zajacz
FOLEY Michelle UNIL E-Mail Tracking crustal contributions to rhyolite generation in the Chon Aike Province (Patagonia) Benita Putlitz
Lukas Baumgartner
FRIES Allan UNIGE E-Mail Experimental characterisation of gravitational instabilities in volcanic clouds Costanza Bonadonna
GALDINI Selena UNIL E-Mail Geochemical study of petit spot volcanoes, Japan Dr. Sébastien Pilet 2022
GENNARO Ivano UNIGE E-Mail The control of silicate melt composition and magma emplacement depth on the ore-forming potential of magmatic fluids Zoltan Zajacz 2024
GIALLI Stefano UNIGE E-Mail Magmatic-Hydrothermal transition in the world class Sn District of San Rafael, Perù. Lluis Fontboté
Kalin Kouzmanov
GROCOLAS Thomas UNIL E-Mail Quantifying K-feldspar and garnet trace element compositions in dikes and cumulates of crystallizing arc plutonic rocks Othmar Müntener 2024
GROSJEAN Marion UNIGE E-Mail Subduction to post-collision magmatic timing of the Lesser Caucasus: new constraints for its geodynamic evolution Pr. Robert Moritz
HALTER William UNIL E-Mail Tectonics & geodynamics, numerical modelling Stefan Schmalholz
HIGGINS Oliver UNIGE E-Mail A geochemical and petrological study to constrain the magmatic history of St Kitts and Nevis (Lesser Antilles) Luca Caricchi
Jonathon Blundy
HOFFMANN Jan UNIBE E-Mail Stable isotope anomalies in chondritic components (Ca, Ba, Mo) Prof. Dr. Klaus Mezger
JAIMES GUTIERREZ Rocio del Pilar UNIGE E-Mail Chemical weathering response to extreme global warming during Paleocene Eocene Hyperthermals, Southern Pyrenees, Spain Prof. Sébastien Castelltort
Prof. Emmanuelle Pucéat
JORDAN Maud UNIL E-Mail Alkaline magma formation at plate boundaries: insight in the Alexandra Volcanic chain, North Island, NZ Prof. Sébastien Pilet 2024
JORGENSON Corin UNIGE E-Mail Consequences of magma-co2 interaction for mafic-alkaline magmas at Colli Albani Dr. Luca Caricchi 2024
JOSSEVEL Christophe UNIL E-Mail Géologie des Alpes Pennines - Relation socle-couverture autour de la nappe du Mont-Rose Jean-Luc Epard 2023
KATHERAS Anita UNIBE E-Mail Atomistic modeling of Pu and Tc uptake by magnetite 2024
KAUFMANN Anne UNIBE E-Mail Element distribution and heavy stable isotope fractionation at the magmatic-hydrothermal transition
KRUTTASCH Pascal UNIBE E-Mail Timing of chondrule formation Prof. Dr. Klaus Mezger
LE LAY Clémence UNIL E-Mail A better understanding of melt inclusions compositional and isotopic variability Lukas Baumgartner
Anne-Sophie Bouvier
LEMUS Jonathan UNIGE E-Mail Modelling of Gravitational Instabilities at the base of Volcanic Plumes Costanza Bonadonna
LIU Jiahui UNIBE E-Mail Metamorphism and tectonic significance of Fuping and its adjacent area Prof. Pierre Lanari
LÜDER Mona UNIBE E-Mail H2O in Rutile and the Onset of Cold Subduction Prof. Dr. Jörg Hermann
Prof. Dr. Daniela Rubatto
MACHEREL Emilie UNIL E-Mail Géodynamique numérique Stefan Schmalholz 2023
MALTESE Alessandro UNIBE E-Mail Evolution of Earth's early crust-mantle differentiation
MANNINI Stefano UNIGE E-Mail Understanding recurrent volcano-tectonic processes using multi temporal and spatial analysis at active volcanic rift zones (Kilauea volcano, Hawaii) Joel Ruch 2022
MARKMANN Thorsten UNIBE E-Mail Petrochronology of fluid-rock interaction processes and application to the Alps and the Cyclades
MARRO Adeline UNIFR E-Mail Tectonics of the Jura Fold-and-Thrust Belt. Mapping and forward modelling Prof. Jon Mosar 2025
MESSORI Fabio UNIGE E-Mail U-Pb geochronology of the Ediacaran period – the first Failed experiment of multicellular life on Earth Rossana Martini
MIRANDA Mara UNIGE E-Mail Experimental Petrology - Heavy halogens and semi-metals as tracers of magma degassing and fluid-assisted mass transfer within transcrustal magma reservoirs Professor Zoltan Zajacz 2024
MOREL Mélissa UNIFR E-Mail Iron metallurgy in Northeastern Madagascar from the 9th century to the 15th century CE. Vincent Serneels
MUSU Alessandro UNIGE E-Mail Quantifying the thermo-chemical evolution of magma reservoirs using mineral chemistry: a combined experimental and statistical approach Professor Luca Caricchi
NEVSKAYA Natalia UNIBE E-Mail Rheology of fine-grained granitoid fault rocks.
NFORMIDAH Siggy UNIBE E-Mail Relationship between volatiles and metasomatism in the lithospheric mantle beneath the Cameroon Volcanic Line. Prof. Joerg Hermann
NITSCHE Christoph UNIFR E-Mail Soapstones in North-Eastern Madagascar: Exploitation, Production and Trade of Stones and Pots by the Rasikajy Civilisation (ca. 700 - 1700 AD) Prof. Vincent Serneels
PANTET Adrien UNIL E-Mail Transition continent océan dans le Pennique moyen des Alpes occidentales. Relations socle-couverture dans les nappes du Mont-Fort et des Cimes-Blanches: implications tectoniques et paléogéographiques. Jean-Luc Epard
PANZA Elisabetta UNIGE E-Mail Magma and tectonic interactions at fossil (Oman) and active (Iceland) divergent plate boundaries using structural geology and analogue modelling Joël Ruch 2023
PEVERELLI Veronica UNIBE E-Mail Characterization of epidotes in the Aar Massif 2022
POHLNER Johannes UNIFR E-Mail Iron isotope fractionation and geochemical cycling in Variscan eclogites during subduction zone metamorphism Afifé El Korh
Bernard Grobéty
POLLASTRI Stefano UNIGE E-Mail Experimental and field investigation of volcanic particles aggregation processes Costanza Bonadonna
REPAC Marko UNIL E-Mail Geochemistry of Xenoliths in Lamproites from Leucite hills volcanic field (Wyoming,US) Sébastien Pilet
REYES HARDY María-paz UNIGE E-Mail Volcanic multi-hazard assessment of selected areas of the Central, Southern and Austral Volcanic Zones of the Andes. Costanza Bonadonna
RODIER Jean UNIFR E-Mail Petrology of smithing slag Vincent Serneels
ROGGERO Davide UNIL E-Mail Relationship between calc-alkaline and alkaline magma in subduction zones Othmar Müntener
SARRAF Fateme UNIBE E-Mail Additive manufacturing of silicate ceramics 2023
SCARPONI Matteo UNIL E-Mail High-resolution imaging of the crust: receiver function and gravity György Hetényi 2020/2021
SCHMID Timothy UNIBE E-Mail Analogue modelling of oblique rifting in continental lithosphere Guido Schreurs 2022
SCHORI Marc UNIFR E-Mail Structural investigations of the Jura Mountains fold-and-thrust belt Prof. Jon Mosar
SENGER Martin UNIGE E-Mail Dating the Great Oxidation Event in the Transvaal Supergroup, South Africa Urs Schaltegger
Joshua Davies
SIEGEL NAVARRO Nicole UNIFR E-Mail The synthesis self-assembled dielectric optical nanoantennas(ONAs) with DNA origami Technique Guillermo P. Acuna
SOLEA Atena UNIFR E-Mail Inorganic chemistry (coordination chemistry) Katharina Fromm 2021
SONMEZ Safak utku UNIGE E-Mail Late Cretaceous Epithermal Systems of the Lesser Caucasus and the Eastern Pontides: New Constraints From the Bolnisi Mining District, Georgia, and the Artvin District, Turkey
TAGLIAFERRI Alessia UNIL E-Mail Unraveling the heat budget of the Lepontine dome: interdisciplinary geological, petrological, thermodynamic and geochronological study of shear zones Filippo Schenker
Stefan Schmalholz
TOUSSAINT Aurore UNIL E-Mail Phosphorus in k-feldspar in siliceous magmas: Crystallization vs diffusion in metaluminous and peraluminous systems Othmar Müntener
TRUTTMANN Sandro UNIBE E-Mail Seismo-Tectonics of the Valais: Unravelling the link between fault structures and seismic activity Prof. Marco Herwegh 2024
ULRICH Michelle UNIBE E-Mail Constraints on dehydration of serpentinites in subduction zones by oxygen isotopes Daniela Rubatto
Jörg Hermann
USLULAR Göksu UNIGE E-Mail 3D modeling of Central Anatolian Maars Using Unmanned Air Vehicles and Comparison of Morphological, Depositional, Geophysical and Geochemical Characteristics Prof. Dr. Joel Ruch (UNIGE)
Prof. Dr. Gonca Gençalioğlu-Kuşcu (MSKU) Prof. Dr. Matteo Lupi (UNIGE)
VAUGHAN HAMMON Joshua UNIL E-Mail Kinetic versus mechanical control of petrological pressure record of the Monte Rosa nappe: a combined geomechanical and petrological approach Stefan Schmalholz
Lukas Baumgartner
VESIN Coralie UNIBE E-Mail Oxygen isotopes investigation of oceanic serpentinization Prof. Daniela Rubatto (UniBE)
Prof. Thomas Pettke
VIEIRA DUARTE Joana Filipa UNIBE E-Mail Redox conditions and sulphide-oxide-silicate mineral and fluid geochemistry of subducted hydrous mantle rocks Prof. Thomas Pettke
VILELA Nicolas UNIBE E-Mail Ti isotop fractionation during weathering and sedimentation Nicolas Greber
WANG Xuhui UNIGE E-Mail Porphyry mineralization
WOLF Robin UNIBE E-Mail Source rocks and leaching processes for metals in VMS deposits Larryn W. Diamond 2024
WOLFFERS Mirjam UNIBE E-Mail Spatially resolved chemical and mineralogical characterization of fly ash components with regard to heavy metal leaching potential Dr. Urs Eggenberger
YAN Maoqiang UNIGE E-Mail Study on the genesis of gold mineralization in the Yingzuishan area, the western segment of North Qilian Orogen
ZAPPATINI Anna UNIBE E-Mail Search and analysis of freshly fallen meteorites in Oman Prof. Beda Hofmann
Prof. Edwin Gnos
ZHAN Weijia UNIBE E-Mail deformation of fine-grained granitoid fault rocks
ZHANG Qian UNIBE E-Mail Orogenic process of the Dunhuang Orogenic Belt