PhD students

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Lastname Firstname Social University E-Mail Theme of thesis Director of thesis Defence year
Akker Vénice UNIBE E-Mail Deformation processes and associated changes in microstructure and porosity in sheet silicate rich rocks as a function of strain gradients and changing metamorphic conditions Prof. Dr. Herwegh, Marco
PD Dr. Alfons Berger
Angéloz Aurélie UNIGE E-Mail Geothermy reservoirs in Geneva area : study of potential equivalents (Southern Germany and Paris Basin) Elias Samankassou
Axelsson Emelie UNIBE E-Mail Rutile as a geochronometer for the quantification of orogenic processes Klaus Mezger
Igor Villa
Bagheri Gholamhossein UNIGE E-Mail Numerical and experimental investigations on particle aggregation in volcanic plumes Costanza Bonadonna
Bastias Joaquin UNIGE E-Mail Thermal and tectonic evolution of the Antarctic Peninsula Urs Schaltegger - Richard Spikings
Belgrano Thomas UNIBE E-Mail Sub-seafloor fluid pathways, hydrothermal alteration and VMS deposits in the Semail Ophiolite, Sultanate of Oman. Larryn. Diamond
Bellver Baca María Teresa UNIGE E-Mail Magmatic and time-scale factors controlling the association of porphyry-type deposits with high Sr/y magmas Massimo Chiaradia
Bergemann Christian UNIGE E-Mail Age and crystallisation duration of Alpine cleft monazite and correlation with tectonically driven hydrothermal dissolution/precipitation events E. Gnos (UNIGE)
Dr. Edwin Gnos
Bessat Annelore UNIL E-Mail Modelisation of metasomatic processes in the lithosphere Sébastien Pilet
Stefan Schmalholz
Biass Sébastien UNIGE E-Mail --- Costanza Bonadonna
Bonta Madalina UNIFR E-Mail Archaeometallurgy of iron slags Prof. Vincent Serneels
Botter Cédric UNIFR E-Mail Environmental Mineralogy and Volcanology Bernard Grobéty
Bovay Thomas UNIBE E-Mail Tracing the invisible path of fluids in the crust with microscale oxygen isotope measurments in key metamorphic minerals Daniela Rubatto
Bretscher Annette UNIBE E-Mail The mineral and fluid chemistry of high pressure serpentinite dehydration PD Dr. Thomas Pettke
Brogi Federico UNIGE E-Mail Combining numerical modelling and geophysical monitoring for the development of new ash-dispersal-forecasting strategies.
Buchs Nicolas UNIL E-Mail The Tso Morari nappe and its surrounding tectonic units (Indian Himalayas, Ladakh); Constrains for modeling on ultrahigh-pressure metamorphic nappe formation and exhumation. Prof. Jean-Luc Epard
Burn Marco UNIBE E-Mail PTtd-evolution of Austroalpine outliers in the Western Alps Prof. Martin Engi
Calder Michael UNIGE E-Mail Zonation, paragenesis and fluid evolution from the root to top of the Far Southeast porphyry deposit, Mankayan district, Philippines Robert Moritz
Zhaoshan Chang (James Cook University)
Candioti Lorenzo Giuseppe UNIL E-Mail Towards a self-consisting & dynamic orogenic wedge model Prof. Dr. Stefan M. Schmalholz
Casanova Vincent UNIGE E-Mail Fluid evolution in the magmatic hydrothermal systems at cerro de pasco and colquijirca, Peru Luis Fontboté
Kalin Kouzmanov
Clerc Nicolas UNIGE E-Mail Deep geothermal energy Prof. Andrea Moscariello (Unige)
Prof. Philippe Renard (Unine)
Curry Adam UNIGE E-Mail Understanding the frequency and magnitude of volcanic eruptions in light of physical magmatic-volcanic processes in the central San Juan caldera cluster, CO, USA Luca Caricchi
Demers-Roberge Alexandra UNIL E-Mail Geochemistry and petrolog of mantle xenoliths from Southern Patagonia Othmar Müntener
Devoir Arnaud UNIL E-Mail Monitoring igneous crystallization and country rock interaction in the deep crust by garnet: petrological and in-situ isotope constraints from Ivrea (Italy) M. Othmar Müntener
Dielforder Armin UNIBE E-Mail Quantitative investigation of the spatial distribution, 3D geometries and evolution of fluid pathways in siliciclastic rocks. Marco Herwegh
Alfons Berger
Edwards Matthew UNIGE E-Mail Fragmentation of mafic magmas Dr Laura Pioli
Fortes de Lena Luis Otavio UNIGE E-Mail Calibrating the Jurassic using high-precision U-Pb zircon geochronology Urs Schaltegger
Georgatou Ariadni Afroditi UNIGE E-Mail Behaviour of chalcophile metals during crustal evolution in subduction and post-subduction magmas Dr. Chiaradia Massimo
Ghazipour Neda UNIGE - Study of landslides in the Zagros mountain belt (Iran) Guy Simpson
Gialli Stefano UNIGE E-Mail Magmatic-Hydrothermal transition in the world class Sn District of San Rafael, Perù. Lluis Fontboté
Kalin Kouzmanov
Gilgannon James UNIBE E-Mail Transitioning rheologies in sheet silicate bearing rocks: Insights from microstructures and thermo-mechanical modelling Prof. Dr. M. Herwegh
PD Dr. A. Berger
Gilgen Samuel UNIBE E-Mail Gold-bearing VMS deposits in the Oman ophiolite Prof. Dr. Larryn W. Diamond
Prof. Dr. Ivan Mercolli
Giuntoli Francesco UNIBE E-Mail Structural and metamorphic petrology Martin Engi
Grosjean Marion UNIGE E-Mail Subduction to post-collision magmatic timing of the Lesser Caucasus: new constraints for its geodynamic evolution Pr. Robert Moritz
Hanser Carina Silke UNIFR E-Mail volcanic particle analysis Prof. Dr. Bernard Grobéty
Hantsche Aaron UNIGE E-Mail Distal Skarn formation and metallogenesis: Geochemical and isotopic evidence from distal carbonate replacement and skarn-hosted ore bodies Dr. Kalin Kouzmanov
Robert Moritz
Hartung Eva UNIGE E-Mail Melt segregation processes in magma chambers Dr. Luca Caricchi
Hauser Anne-Cécile UNIL E-Mail Architecture and construction mechanisms of the Punta Falcone intrusion (Sardinia, Italy) François Bussy
Homakimyan Samvel UNIGE E-Mail Hydrothermal evolution of the world-class Kadjaran porphyry Cu-Mo deposit, Southern Armenia, Lesser Caucasus Prof. Robert Moritz
Jensen Max UNIGE E-Mail Magmatic evolution and the recurrence rate of volcanic eruptions by petrology and geochronology Dr. Luca Caricchi
Kang Jisuk UNIBE E-Mail Pb isotope related with Deposits
Kaufmann Anne UNIBE E-Mail Element distribution and heavy stable isotope fractionation at the magmatic-hydrothermal transition
Kempf Elias UNIBE E-Mail Trace elements in olivine
Kiss Dániel UNIL E-Mail Computational tectonics and geodynamics, Morcles nappe. Prof. Stefan Schmalholz UNIL
Lambert Renske UNIL E-Mail Luminescence thermochronometry
Licul Aleksandar UNIL E-Mail Modelling glacier flow and glacier erosion Frédéric Herman
Luisier Cindy UNIL E-Mail Pressure variations in the Monte Rosa nappe Lukas Baumgartner
Stefan Schmalholz
Mair David UNIBE E-Mail Application of the Radio-Moun-Tomography on the Eiger/Jungfrau region Fritz Schlunegger
Maltese Alessandro UNIBE E-Mail Evolution of Earth's early crust-mantle differentiation
Manzini Mélina UNIL - Cl isotopes in subduction zones Lukas Baumgartner
Anne-Sophie Bouvier
Marger Katharina UNIL E-Mail Halogen behaviour during prograde and retrograde contact metamorphism (Little Cottonwood, Utah, USA) Lukas Baumgartner
Meier Mario UNIFR E-Mail Single particle analysis of aerosol particles Prof. Dr. Bernard Grobéty
Mock Samuel UNIBE E-Mail 3D Modelling of the Swiss Molasse Basin in the Canton of Bern Marco Herwegh
Morel Mélissa UNIFR E-Mail Iron metallurgy in Northeastern Madagascar from the 9th century to the 15th century CE. Vincent Serneels
Naumenko-Dèzes Mariia UNIBE E-Mail 40K-40Ca, 40K-40Ar and 87Rb-87Sr decay constant intercalibration and the 40K branching ratio Prof. Igor M. Villa
Prof. Thomas Nägler
Nformidah Siggy UNIBE E-Mail Relationship between volatiles and metasomatism in the lithospheric mantle beneath the Cameroon Volcanic Line. Prof. Joerg Hermann
Nitsche Christoph UNIFR E-Mail Soapstones in North-Eastern Madagascar: Exploitation, Production and Trade of Stones and Pots by the Rasikajy Civilisation (ca. 700 - 1700 AD) Prof. Vincent Serneels
Normand Raphaël UNIGE E-Mail Geomorphological and sedimentological signals of deformation in a silent subduction zone: An investigation in the Makran (Iran) Dr Guy Simpson
O'Sullivan Edel UNIBE E-Mail The lead-up to Neoproterozoic oxygenation: evaluating the roles of ocean redox state and continental nutrient fluxes Prof. Thomas Nägler
Omlin Samuel UNIL - Near Peak Perfomance Parallel Implementations on CPU and GPU clusters of Nonlinear Geodynamic applications using numerical convergence accelerators Prof. Yuri Podladchikov
Pandey Om Prakash UNIBE E-Mail Earth's Archean crust evolution. Prof. Klaus Mezger
Pantet Adrien UNIL E-Mail Transition continent océan dans le Pennique moyen des Alpes occidentales. Relations socle-couverture dans les nappes du Mont-Fort et des Cimes-Blanches: implications tectoniques et paléogéographiques. Jean-Luc Epard
Pape Jonas UNIBE E-Mail 26Al-26Mg dating of meteorites. Extinct radionuclides. Early solar system. Prof. Klaus Mezger
Pathak Dipankar UNIBE E-Mail Isotope Geochemistry/Cosmochemistry: Origin of Volatiles in Planets Prof. Klaus Mezger
Paul André Navin UNIGE E-Mail Advancing U-Pb high temperature thermochronology by combining single grain and intra-grain dating R. Spikings
Urs Schaltegger
Perret Sébastien UNIFR E-Mail Ancient iron metallurgy in Mali
Pollastri Stefano UNIGE E-Mail Experimental and field investigation of volcanic particles aggregation processes Costanza Bonadonna
Popov Daniil UNIGE E-Mail Advancing alkali feldspar and muscovite 40Ar/39Ar thermochronology Richard Spikings Urs Schaltegger
Räss Ludovic UNIL E-Mail Numerical modelling, geodynamics, multi-phase flow Yuri Podladchikov
Nina Simon
Ravindran Arathy UNIBE E-Mail Genesis of Continents- A Detailed Geochemical and Chronological Study of the Dharwar Craton Prof. Dr. Klaus Mezger
Reynes Julien UNIBE E-Mail Water incorporation in Garnet (Petrology) Jörg Hermann
Rezeau Hervé UNIGE E-Mail Ore deposit in south armenia, Lesser Caucasus Robert Moritz
Ricchi Emmanuelle UNIGE E-Mail Age and crystallization duration of Alpine cleft monazite and correlation with tectonically-driven hydrothermal dissolution/precipitation events. Edwin Gnos
Urs Schaltegger
Roggero Davide UNIL E-Mail Relationship between calc-alkaline and alkaline magma in subduction zones Othmar Müntener
Rosén Åke UNIBE E-Mail Meteoritics. Low-background Gamma Spectroscopy study on young meteorites. Beda Hofmann
Rossi Eduardo UNIGE E-Mail Study of particle aggregation in a volcanic plumes with numerical and experimental experiments Costanza Bonadonna
Rottier Bertrand UNIGE E-Mail "Tracing fluid evolution at the Cerro de Pasco cordilleran base metal deposit (central Peru)-Identification and definition of the different hydrothermal events" Lluis Fontboté
Kalin Kouzmanov
Saintilan Nicolas UNIGE E-Mail Spatial controls, age and origin of stratabound sandstone-hosted and vein Pb-Zn deposits in the Swedish Caledonides Prof. Lluís Fontboté
Michael Stephens, Geological Survey of Sweden
Schori Marc UNIFR E-Mail Structural investigations of the Jura Mountains fold-and-thrust belt Prof. Jon Mosar
Seitz Susanne UNIL E-Mail Fitz Roy Plutonic Complex – contact-metamorphism and deformation
Sergeev Dmitry UNIL E-Mail Pyroxenites in ophiolites: a case for lithological heterogeneities in the oceanic upper mantle?
Sheldrake Thomas UNIGE E-Mail Understanding the magmatic controls on the frequency and magnitude of volcanic eruptions
Siron Guillaume UNIL E-Mail Fluorine, chlorine and OH content in biotite during contact metamorphism. Lukas Baumgartner
Sohrabi Reza UNINE E-Mail Numerical Modeling in Geothermics Prof. Stephen A. Miller
Spitz Richard UNIL E-Mail 3D Modelling, fold nappes Stefan Schmalholz
Steinbauer Veit UNIBE E-Mail "Microstructural evolution and mechanical properties of External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems" Prof. Dr. Marco Herwegh Institute of Geological Sciences University of Bern Baltzerstrasse 1+3 CH-3012 Bern
Roger Zurbriggen
Süssenberger Annette UNIGE E-Mail Thermal evolution of the Upper Jurassic to Tertiary sedimentary sequence in the Patagonian fold-and-thrust belt and the Magellanes foreland Basin (51°30'S)- clay minerals and carbonaceous material PD Dr. Susanne Schmidt
Szappanosné Vágó Edina UNIGE - Gold deposit in the Eastern Andean Cordillera: a 800km long intrusion - related or orogenic gold deposit belt? Dr. Robert Moritz
Tedeschi Mahyra UNIBE E-Mail PhD Tittle: Southern Brasília Orogen: From subduction to collision (unravelling the evolution from the arc generation to the suture) PhD Sandwich Plan: Migmatization in the Southern Brasília Orogen: unravelling the pressure-temperature-time evolution and its relation to the building of the Brasília Orogen Professor Daniela Rubatto - University of Bern
Professor Joerg Hermann -University of Bern
Tornare Evelyne UNIL E-Mail Vertically layered mafic cumulates in the root zone of an ocean island volcano (Fuerteventura, Canary Islands); implications for magma differentiation François Bussy
Vaughan Hammon Joshua UNIL E-Mail Kinetic versus mechanical control of petrological pressure record of the Monte Rosa nappe: a combined geomechanical and petrological approach Stefan Schmalholz
Lukas Baumgartner
Vho Alice UNIBE E-Mail Fluid path in subducting crust (Sesia Zone, Italy): trace element and microscale oxygen isotope records in key metamorphic minerals
Visnjevic Vjeran UNIL E-Mail Large-scale erosion modeling and glacier climate interaction in the Alps
Waldvogel Marius UNIBE E-Mail Waterproofing membranes with enhanced mechanical properties Prof. Dr. Marco Herwegh
Weber Gregor UNIGE E-Mail Periodicity and evolution of volcanic activity; Petrology and Geochronology Luca Caricchi
Widmann Philipp UNIGE E-Mail High precision dating of environmental responses during smithian-spatian biotic crisis URS SCHALTEGGER Professor Head of Isotope Geochemistry group rue des Maraîchers 13, office B53 +41 (0)22 379 66 38