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Lastname Firstname Social University E-Mail Theme of thesis Director of thesis Defence year
Alfano Fabrizio UNIGE E-Mail Characterization of the Tephra deposits produced during the ongoing eruption of Soufriere Hills Volcano, Montserrat - WI
Allibon James UNIL E-Mail Significance and petrologic evolution of pyroxenitic layered "intrusions" in the root-zone of an ocena-island volcano
Axelsson Emelie UNIBE E-Mail Rutile as a geochronometer for the quantification of orogenic processes Klaus Mezger
Igor Villa
Bagheri Gholamhossein UNIGE E-Mail Numerical and experimental investigations on particle aggregation in volcanic plumes Costanza Bonadonna
Barboni Mélanie UNIL E-Mail Architecture and construction mechanism of continental bimodal intrusions: insight from the statified multiply recharged St.Jean-du-Doigt gabbro pluton, Britany:France François Bussy
Bauer Kerstin UNIL E-Mail Reconstruction of alpine topography, precipitation and climate by stable isotope measurements Torsten Vennemann (Universite de Lausanne)
Andreas Mulch (University of Frankfurt, Germany)
Bauville Arthur UNIL E-Mail Deformation mechanism in the Morcles fold nappe (Helvetic nappes, Switzerland) S. M. Schmalholz
Bendezu Aldo UNIGE E-Mail Geology of Morococha District
Bergemann Christian UNIGE E-Mail Age and crystallisation duration of Alpine cleft monazite and correlation with tectonically driven hydrothermal dissolution/precipitation events E. Gnos (UNIGE)
Dr. Edwin Gnos
Biass Sébastien UNIGE E-Mail --- Costanza Bonadonna
Bodner Robert UNIL E-Mail The contact metamorphism of the Torres del Paine intrusion Lukas Baumgartner
Boekhout Flora UNIGE E-Mail Evolution and geodynamic setting of Jurassic magmatism in coastal southern Peru.
Bouvet de Maisonneuve Caroline UNIGE E-Mail Physical Volcanology and Petrology of Llaima Pyroclastic Deposits M. A. Dungan
Bretscher Annette UNIBE E-Mail The mineral and fluid chemistry of high pressure serpentinite dehydration PD Dr. Thomas Pettke
Broderick Cindy UNIGE E-Mail Resolving timescales of magma evolution through isotopic and chemical analysis of accessory minerals Urs Schaltegger
Brogi Federico UNIGE E-Mail Combining numerical modelling and geophysical monitoring for the development of new ash-dispersal-forecasting strategies.
Buchs Nicolas UNIL E-Mail Geology of the Nidar - Tso Morari area (Indian Himalayas, Ladakh): From intra-oceanic subduction to nappe exhumation Prof. Jean-Luc Epard
Burn Marco UNIBE E-Mail PTtd-evolution of Austroalpine outliers in the Western Alps Prof. Martin Engi
Cailleau Guillaume UNINE E-Mail ---
Casanova Vincent UNIGE E-Mail Fluid evolution in the magmatic hydrothermal systems at cerro de pasco and colquijirca, Peru Luis Fontboté
Kalin Kouzmanov
Catchpole Honza UNIGE E-Mail Mineralogical and geochemical characterisation of polymetallic and precious metal mineralisation in the Miocene Morococha District, Central Peru
Chelle-Michou Cyril UNIGE E-Mail Geochronologic and petrologic evolution of the Yauri-Andahuaylas batholith and the formation of a porphyry-skarn Cu deposit (Corrocohuayco, Tintaya cluster, southern Peru) Massimo Chiaradia 2013
Clerc Nicolas UNIGE E-Mail Deep geothermal energy Prof. Andrea Moscariello (Unige)
Prof. Philippe Renard (Unine)
Cochrane Ryan UNIGE E-Mail Geochronology, Thermochronology and Tectonics of the Northern Andes Prof. Urs Schaltegger
Dr. Richard Spikings
Cooper Lauren UNIGE E-Mail ---
Costantini Licia UNIGE E-Mail Understanding basaltic explosive volcanism
De Meyer Caroline UNIL E-Mail
Degruyter Wim UNIGE E-Mail Characterization of juvenile pyroclasts from the Kos-Nisyros Volcanic center (Aegean Arc)
Dessimoz Mathias UNIL E-Mail Epidote geochemistry in cal-alkaline rocks.
Dielforder Armin UNIBE E-Mail Quantitative investigation of the spatial distribution, 3D geometries and evolution of fluid pathways in siliciclastic rocks. Marco Herwegh
Alfons Berger
Dijkstra Arjan UNINE E-Mail ---
Dungan Michael UNIGE E-Mail ---
Duretz Thibault UNIL E-Mail Shear localisation and ductile nappe formation in the Alps
Efimenko Natalia UNIL E-Mail Origin of cadmium enrichments in carbonate rocks deposited in the Alpine Tethys area during the Middle-Late Jurassic. Karl B. Föllmi
Fortes de Lena Luis Otavio UNIGE E-Mail Calibrating the Jurassic using high-precision U-Pb zircon geochronology Urs Schaltegger
Ghazipour Neda UNIGE - Study of landslides in the Zagros mountain belt (Iran) Guy Simpson
Gilgen Samuel UNIBE E-Mail Gold-bearing VMS deposits in the Oman ophiolite Prof. Dr. Larryn W. Diamond
Prof. Dr. Ivan Mercolli
Giuntoli Francesco UNIBE E-Mail Structural and metamorphic petrology Martin Engi
Glunk Christina UNIL E-Mail Biominéralisations carbonatées dans les tapis microbiens
Greber Nicolas UNIBE E-Mail Molybdenum isotope fractionation in hydrothermal and igneous systems Prof. Thomas F. Nägler
Gruber Marius UNIFR E-Mail 3D Modeling of the Fribourg Area, Western Swiss Molasse Basin, switzerland Jon Mosar
Guerra Ivan UNIL E-Mail Fault and Fluids: deep Penetration of Meteoric Waters into the Alps during their Exhumation
Hanser Carina Silke UNIFR E-Mail volcanic particle analysis Prof. Dr. Bernard Grobéty
Harlaux Matthieu UNIGE E-Mail Multi-isotopic and trace element study at the Sn-(Cu) district of San Rafael
Hartung Eva UNIGE E-Mail Melt segregation processes in magma chambers Dr. Luca Caricchi 2018
Hauser Anne-Cécile UNIL E-Mail Architecture and construction mechanisms of the Punta Falcone intrusion (Sardinia, Italy) François Bussy
Hernandez Jean UNIL E-Mail
Hin Remco ETHZ E-Mail
Honisch Maria UNIL E-Mail Cognate macrocrysts in alkaline ultramafic magmas: towards the reconstruction of the phase assemblage and geochemical characteristics of the magma source region and magmatic residue
Hürlimann Niklaus UNIL E-Mail Petrology, geochemistry and structural geology of post-plutonic mafic dikes Othmar Muntener
Peter Ulmer
Jensen Max UNIGE E-Mail Magmatic evolution and the recurrence rate of volcanic eruptions by petrology and geochronology Dr. Luca Caricchi
Jourdan Anne-Lise UNINE E-Mail Controls on mineral-fluid oxygen isotope fractionations in specific geologic systems
Kalt Angelika UNINE E-Mail ---
Kocsis Laszlo UNIL E-Mail ---
König Daniela UNIFR E-Mail Céramique techniques d'époque romaine Prof. Vincent Serneels
Lafay Romain UNIL E-Mail Serpentinitization Hydrothermal alteration Trace Element partitioning Lukas P. Baumgartner
Lambert Renske UNIL E-Mail Luminescence thermochronometry
Leuthold Julien UNIL E-Mail Petrologic, isotopic and structural study of mafic rocks, Torres del Paine, Patagonia, Chile Prof. Othmar Müntener
Prof. Lukas Baumgartner
Licul Aleksandar UNIL E-Mail Modelling glacier flow and glacier erosion Frédéric Herman
Lorenzo Ronny UNIFR E-Mail Sources and Characteristics of Fine and Ultrafine Particles in Ambient Air
Luisier Cindy UNIL E-Mail Pressure variations in the Monte Rosa nappe Lukas Baumgartner
Stefan Schmalholz
Mair David UNIBE E-Mail Application of the Radio-Moun-Tomography on the Eiger/Jungfrau region Fritz Schlunegger 2019
Manzella Irene UNIGE E-Mail
Manzini Mélina UNIL - Cl isotopes in subduction zones Lukas Baumgartner
Anne-Sophie Bouvier
Marton Istvan UNIGE E-Mail ---
McCarthy Anders UNIL E-Mail Mechanisms of Comb layering formation in shallow calc-alkaline plutonic rocks Othmar Müntener
Mederer Johannes UNIGE E-Mail Jurassic base and precious metal ore deposit of Kapan, Southern Armenia : a geodynamic, mineralogical and geochemical characterization
Mettasch Sylvia UNIL E-Mail Contact metamorphism of the Permian siliceoclastic units in the southern Adamello, Italy Prof. Lukas Baumgartner
Naumenko-Dèzes Mariia UNIBE E-Mail 40K-40Ca, 40K-40Ar and 87Rb-87Sr decay constant intercalibration and the 40K branching ratio Prof. Igor M. Villa
Prof. Thomas Nägler
Ngo Nlend Christiane Diorlette UNIL E-Mail Pétrogenèse des Méta-granitoïdes à l'ouest de la chaîne panafricaine d'Afrique centrale : Implications géodynamiques
Normand Raphaël UNIGE E-Mail Geomorphological and sedimentological signals of deformation in a silent subduction zone: An investigation in the Makran (Iran) Dr Guy Simpson
Omlin Samuel UNIL - Near Peak Perfomance Parallel Implementations on CPU and GPU clusters of Nonlinear Geodynamic applications using numerical convergence accelerators Prof. Yuri Podladchikov
Pandey Om Prakash UNIBE E-Mail Earth's Archean crust evolution. Prof. Klaus Mezger
Pape Jonas UNIBE E-Mail 26Al-26Mg dating of meteorites. Extinct radionuclides. Early solar system. Prof. Klaus Mezger
Parmigiani Andrea UNIGE E-Mail Lattice-Boltzmann model applied to volcanology
Paul André Navin UNIGE E-Mail Advancing U-Pb high temperature thermochronology by combining single grain and intra-grain dating R. Spikings
Urs Schaltegger
Picazo Suzanne UNIL E-Mail mantle petrology
Pinget Marie-Caroline UNIGE - Supergene enrichment and exotic mineralization study at Chuquicamata, Chile Lluis Fontbote
Bernhard Dold, University of Concepción, Chile
Pistone Mattia UNIL E-Mail Physical properties of crystal-and bubble-bearing magmas Prof. Peter Ulmer (ETH-Zurich)
Prof. Luca Caricchi (University of Geneva)
Quezada Raul UNINE E-Mail ---
Quilichini Antoine UNIL E-Mail Permeability and rheology of extensional detachments. Torsten Vennemann (IMG, UNIL)
Christian Teyssier (Univ. of Minneapolis, MN, USA)
Ramirez de Arellano Cristobal UNIL E-Mail Miocene intrusions in Southern Patagonia - a possible link to ridge subduction.
Räss Ludovic UNIL E-Mail Numerical modelling, geodynamics, multi-phase flow Yuri Podladchikov
Nina Simon
Rausch Juanita UNIFR E-Mail Magma-water interaction between pyroclast populations and external water at variable magma/water ratios. Bernard Grobéty
Hans-Ulrich Schmincke
Reitsma Mariël UNIGE E-Mail The birth and death of an intracontinental rift: The Mitu group in Southern Peru
Reubi Olivier UNIGE E-Mail
Reymond Caroline UNIL E-Mail
Rezeau Hervé UNIGE E-Mail Ore deposit in south armenia, Lesser Caucasus Robert Moritz
Rodriguez Carolina UNIGE - Petrology of Holocene adakitic dacites from Nevado de Longavi volcano
Rosén Åke UNIBE E-Mail Meteoritics. Low-background Gamma Spectroscopy study on young meteorites. Beda Hofmann
Rottier Bertrand UNIGE E-Mail "Tracing fluid evolution at the Cerro de Pasco cordilleran base metal deposit (central Peru)-Identification and definition of the different hydrothermal events" Lluis Fontboté
Kalin Kouzmanov
Saintilan Nicolas UNIGE E-Mail Spatial controls, age and origin of stratabound sandstone-hosted and vein Pb-Zn deposits in the Swedish Caledonides Prof. Lluís Fontboté
Michael Stephens, Geological Survey of Sweden
Seitz Susanne UNIL E-Mail Fitz Roy Plutonic Complex – contact-metamorphism and deformation
Seo Jung Hun ETHZ E-Mail Sulfur geochemistry in magmatic-hydrothermal ore deposits Prof. Christoph A. Heinrich
Dr. Marcel Guillong
Sergeev Dmitry UNIL E-Mail Pyroxenites in ophiolites: a case for lithological heterogeneities in the oceanic upper mantle?
Simicevic Aleksandra UNIGE E-Mail A new multi-disciplinary model for the assessment and reduction of volcanic risk: the example of the island of Vulcano, Italy Prof. Costanza Bonadonna
Siron Guillaume UNIL E-Mail Fluorine, chlorine and OH content in biotite during contact metamorphism. Lukas Baumgartner
Skopelitis Alexandra UNIGE E-Mail The fourth dimension : Resolving the time-scale of magma evolution
Soulignac Raphaëlle UNIFR E-Mail Archaeometrical study of smithing slags and Ethnoarchaeology of smithing workshops in Mali Vincent Serneels
Steinbauer Veit UNIBE E-Mail "Microstructural evolution and mechanical properties of External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems" Prof. Dr. Marco Herwegh Institute of Geological Sciences University of Bern Baltzerstrasse 1+3 CH-3012 Bern
Roger Zurbriggen
Süssenberger Annette UNIGE E-Mail Thermal evolution of the Upper Jurassic to Tertiary sedimentary sequence in the Patagonian fold-and-thrust belt and the Magellanes foreland Basin (51°30'S)- clay minerals and carbonaceous material PD Dr. Susanne Schmidt
Szappanosné Vágó Edina UNIGE - Gold deposit in the Eastern Andean Cordillera: a 800km long intrusion - related or orogenic gold deposit belt? Dr. Robert Moritz
Tedeschi Mahyra UNIBE E-Mail PhD Tittle: Southern Brasília Orogen: From subduction to collision (unravelling the evolution from the arc generation to the suture) PhD Sandwich Plan: Migmatization in the Southern Brasília Orogen: unravelling the pressure-temperature-time evolution and its relation to the building of the Brasília Orogen Professor Daniela Rubatto - University of Bern
Professor Joerg Hermann -University of Bern
Thomsen Tonny B. UNIBE E-Mail
Tomé Cristina UNIGE E-Mail Fluid and melt inclusion study of magmatic-hydrothermal mineralization in the Ossa Morena Zone (SW of Spain)
Tornare Evelyne UNIL E-Mail Vertically layered mafic cumulates in the root zone of an ocean island volcano (Fuerteventura, Canary Islands); implications for magma differentiation François Bussy
Trittschack Roy UNIFR - Dehydroxylation kinetics of the serpentine group minerals Bernard Grobéty 2013
Tsunematsu Kae UNIGE E-Mail Applying Cellular Automata and Lattice Boltzmann methods for the study of Transport and Deposition of Volcanic Particles
Van der Lelij Roelant UNIGE E-Mail Reconstructing north-western Gondwana with implications for the evolution of the Iapetus and Rheic Oceans: a geochronological, thermochronological and geochemical study Prof. Urs Schaltegger, UNIGE
Dr. Richard Spikings, UNIGE
Velasquez Mariluz UNIGE E-Mail Molecular & isotopic biogeochemistry of Neoproterozoic sediments from SW-Gondwana
Verberne Roel UNIL E-Mail Petrological and rheological constraints on calc-alkaline batholith formation Peter Ulmer
Othmar Müntener
Villagomez Diego UNIGE E-Mail Accretionary and post-accretionary cooling, exhumation and tectonic history of the central and western Andes of Colombia
Wiedenmann Daniel UNIFR E-Mail Development and characterization of new membranes for electrolysis and fuel cell applications
Wotzlaw Jörn-Frederik UNIGE E-Mail ---